We are expanding!

We are excited to announce we will be expanding into the newly vacant space next door to our existing space in Winslow Green. This space will provide more opportunities for larger corporate team building events, expressive arts classes, parties and celebrations, summer camps, community fundraisers, and wellness education events!

We plan to have a gift shop in the front of the store where customers may purchase a variety of handmade jewelry and handmade multi-media art.  All profits will support our very personal non-profit, Heart & Soul Passion Outreach. Our sincere mission is to provide healing opportunities, scholarships, and support for those seeking to find soul and passion again, after facing unforeseen traumatic events. Expressive art is a vehicle for healing. At Heart & Soul we are passionate about helping those suffering from traumatic brain injuries, PTSD and life-altering toxic stress, by providing a variety of art mediums and opportunities to focus their intentions on positive, rewarding experiences. The hope for all is to find inner peace and a new passion that sparks a light in their soul.

Heart & Soul plans to open their new space next month in December 2019. Contact Lori to schedule an event soon for your group at 206-257-8182 or inquire on their website @bainbridgeheartandsoul. com to register and keep informed.

Wellness speakers interested in participating in speaking events and Expressive Arts instructors are encouraged to provide their contact information.

A Grand Reopening Celebration in January 2020- Stay tuned!