Art as Therapy Benefits


There are many health benefits that accompany painting and creative arts including:

*Slowing cognitive decline

*Improving motor function and mood.

*Creating relaxation wellness and quietness

*Distracting symptoms of depression and anxiety by lowering blood pressure

*Feeling more peaceful and connected. Rhythmic, repetitive motion can have the same benefits to your mind and body as a meditation session.

*Feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment from the finished product

Painting stimulates almost the whole brain at once- “the frontal lobe” which guides processing, attention and planning. The “parietal lobe” which handles sensory information and spatial navigation. The “occipital lobe” which is involved in storing memories and interpreting language/meaning. And finally the “cerebellum” which coordinates precision and timing related to senses and creativity.

According to the Mayo Clinic, seniors who engage in crafts (including painting) are 30-50% less likely to have a “mild cognitive impairment.” Painting can be used to help people with diseases, like Parkinson’s’, improve their motor functions. It also helps improve their fine motor skills and distracts from other painful symptoms.