Canvas Painting

Canvas painting is all the RAGE!

Schedule a private canvas painting class or group class with friends and family!

Canvas painting is quite popular everywhere. Why not join the fun and give it a try! One of our staff members will guide you through the step by step process and help you create an amazing portrait on canvas. You’ll be amazed by how talented you really are! By following each step in layers, you can create a beautiful portrait in just a few hours. Let us teach you how at our next event or schedule a private lesson.

We have small, medium and large size canvas that range in price from @$25- $42. The price includes all the materials, paint, and finish work and your choice of canvas painting from a large selection of options. Bring your own beverages & snacks to accompany classes.

We can also bring canvas painting to your own event. Our Artists will lead your group in painting an amazing piece of “fun art.” Gather your friends, set the time and we will bring all the materials. Group discount of 25% off groups of 6 or more.

“Book a canvas painting event today!